DevLog 2020/09/05

I haven’t been the most up-to-date when it comes to posting this, but here’s all the things I’ve added since the last update:

  • Tanks: that’s right, tanks. Three different models, the AI knows how to drive them, and can be driven in single and multiplayer alike.
  • Planes: same as tanks, except the code is more like spaghetti and there’s a few bugs that still needs to be addressed (AI driving not yet implemented).
  • UI changes: this includes all the mobile action buttons and a good-looking skybox that replaces the boring old default Unity skybox.
  • New map: airport map. It’s a bit of a lazy map, but it’s just for the purpose of playing with a lot of vehicles if you don’t like obstacles.
  • Server-side changes: some server code I’ve changed (python) to handle versioning a little differently and be compatible with the new vehicles.

DevLog 2020/08/17

Some major changes to game today:

  • Changed gunplay to resemble a shoulder recoil (it looks really nice, so go try it out!)
  • Added customisable mobile controls (you can now drag the buttons wherever you want them to be)
  • Many little tweaks that fix some bugs with connection or gameplay smoothness

P.S. Game downloads not doing very well recently, probably because I removed in app purchases on the App Store to comply with Chinese law and change to an advertising model. Help me out by sharing this game and downloading it!

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